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Antique copper carriage foot warmer, copper foot warmer, Benham & Froud copper foot warmer, copper hot water bottle

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This is a Victorian carriage foot warmer made with thick heavy gauge copper.
In days gone by, these would have been placed inside a horse drawn carriage for the occupants to place their feet on.
It was made by Benham & Froud, who have their trademark Orb stamped to the side, also on the side are instruction on a brass plate and the brass screw top.
It is a heavy item at just over 4 kilos. There is a loose metal bar inside that adds support to the structure.
The foot warmer is 57 cm x 21 cm x 7.5 cm.
It has a few dents as to be expected on an item of this type, but in overall good antique condition.
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