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yankee candle(( I have had many of this candle and still one I love and have ))

Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves: probably my favorite autumn-scented candle, aside from Harvest and Autumn Wreath.

Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall

Life Starts All Over When It Gets Crisp in the Fall

All can walk away but you cannot! It's your own personal faith walk. so continue your walk alone!shoes in place.time to walk this faith thing all the way through 🏃

Pillows, blankets, and movies oh my! The perfect combo for a cool fall night #ILoveMyPillow #Pillow #Sleep

Movie night is awesome. Movie night in a blanket fort is ridiculously awesome. Make your blanket fort movie night even more awesome with SkinnyPop Popcorn.


Christmas snow photography winter red holiday cute lights fashion food chocolate drink hot chocolate sexy hot white DELISH drinks MILK mug warm cinnamon foodporn Regina mugs cocoa marshmallows bark sugarbird dukai

colors / september. It's a good month.

Beautiful fall weather and colors! This picture is why fall is my favorite season!

_Autumn Bliss... With a Kiss_ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (I usually don't like stealing my friends' pins, but this was too good to pass up :D)

'AUTUMN leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days.