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This is an amazing and dramatic installation.

this kind of art could just keep you looking for 20 minutes and wonder how orderlessness could be so beautiful!

Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers

Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers

How should an artwork be experienced?Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers painting installation clouds abstract - mobile inspiration


English artist Christine Wood uses little squares in glass to create very beautiful circular artworks where the light reflects different colorful patterns on the wall. She plays with geometry, shadows and the viewers’ perception

I'm making these asap

we could make some relatively simple geods with lighting gels or thin plastic and shine light in them for a dramatic effect Via Lionel Esteve, "Prototype for a Chaos II" 2010 Courtesy: Galerie Perrotin, Paris

Bem Legaus!: Porta de cata-ventos

Wind Portal by Najla El Zein at the VA - London Design Festival Lebanese designer Najla El Zein has installed 5000 spinning paper windmills in a doorway at the VA museum in London.

Not sure how hard this would be to make, but very cool.

Shape - white paper facets, a photo backdrop by Matthew Parker Events for Design*Sponge book party

daniele buetti light installation

I feel as though I could stand here and get filled up with light on a dark day of the soul. 😍😍😍 this would be perfect to light up my days

Romanian storefront . . dramatic effect using books, a saw and a powerful adhesive. Love it.

Visual merchandising for a Book store window. Books coming through the glass window or store front .

Bahar Yürükoğlu makes icebergs bleed neon colors

Vibrant colors could be the next big architecture trend don’t you think?

"cartouche d’art" by Gilles Barbier

A Drunkard’s Spiraling Thoughts - Contemporary artist Gilles Barbier’s sculptural installation titled L’ivrogne, translated as The Drunk