Innovative Pattern Cutting

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Le défilé Dior automne-hiver 2016-2017

Savoir-faire: le défilé Dior sous toutes les coutures

Муляжный метод моделирования (наколка на манекене) #Moulage #Draping

Муляжный метод моделирования (наколка на манекене) #Moulage #Draping

Classic ruffled/peplum detail

USING SEAM ALLOWANCES TO SUPPORT SILHOUETTE: In a bid to remove bulk from garments we often try to create patterns with less seams and less seam allowances but there are also times where the positioning of seams, and their seam allowance values.

Doris Zhuang: February 2014

Textil manipulation: Printed Fashion Amazing fabric manipulation for fashion design - textiles, sculptural structured fashion