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mother creates cute blackboard adventures for her sleeping baby!

Mother Creates Baby's Adorable Blackboard Adventures

Cerise Doucède, in two different series titled “Égarements” and “Quotidien.”

Painstakingly Crafted Daydreams Come to Life

Égarements and Quotidien are two projects by French photographer Cerise Doucède in which she creates mysterious moments where inanimate objects come to life in a whirlwind of chaos.

flamingo chickBrought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples   www.cookiesinbloom.com   www.hannahscaramelapples.com

The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos - Publicity still. The image measures 900 * 600 pixels and was added on 27 June

и: Beautiful Digital Art

I made this one for Heleen toddlertoes.with an image of her sweet daughter.by Gale Franey

Walk a way

Website of Swedish surreal photographer Erik Johansson.

"You just think lovely wonderful thoughts," Peter explained, "and they lift you up in the air." - James Matthew Barrie | Arthur Rackham Illustration from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan de James M. Barrie: Arthur Rackham: The Serpentine is a lovely lake (da série Peter Pan)

A pair of nature lovers have created these works of art by using a technique known as tree shaping. Green fingered grafters Peter Cook and Becky Northey spend years painstakingly guiding each tree's growth along predetermined wired design pathways. From lifelike human creations complete with leaves as hair, to beautifully crafted tables and mirrors, the pair have trained more than 150 trees.

Pictures of the day: 29 July 2011

Fancy - Tree Shaper Growing Guide by Peter Cook and Becky Northey

Image result for jerry uelsmann double exposure

Image result for jerry uelsmann double exposure

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