Представляю Вашему вниманию симпатичный детский плед с рельефным рисунком 'корзиночка'. Связан спицами из импортной пряжи, мягкий и очень уютный. Получился мягкий и тёплый плед размером 107 см на 110 см.

I present to your attention a cute children's blanket with a relief pattern "basket".It turned out a soft and warm blanket measuring 107 cm by 110 cm.

http://cafeypuntadas.blogspot.com.es/search?updated-max=2015-03-05T21:38:00-08:00 #DosAgujas

http://cafeypuntadas.blogspot.com.es/search?updated-max=2015-03-05T21:38:00-08:00 #DosAgujas

Inspiration only - the link leads to a Russian website but I can't find this anywhere on it.

a very nice cardigan examplethe left side is completed, the right side is covered in the same way, then I can not decide whether to continue with the same pattern or not, I think that it will be very beautiful after it is finished.

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🙃 { Erkek yelek } İp Schachenmayr Bravo Originals Şiş no Ön başlangıç sayısı 35 Kol…」

Nice and versatile.

Navy Blue Baby Boy Blanket Knitted Baby Blanket Knit by belovedLT

Красивый узор спицами. Как связать узор спицами из лицевых и изнаночных петель. Узоры спицами - YouTube

This video shows the process of knitting pattern "French gum" or "Snake" spokes. Pattern for LICs, scarves, fashion is now eastern turbans and turbans.