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El Guacamayo azul y amarillo de Ecuador

Mug shot for Craig Buckner and his macaw, "Bird. – A macaw named "Bird" is an instant celebrity

Feeling the Love

Feeling the Love

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27 + Beautiful and Colorful Bird Types from Around the World that You Should Know

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

Yellow Naped Parrots are abundant in Roatan, Honduras. Intelligent sweet birds that can mimic sounds.


The macaw is a colorful tropical parrot native to Central and Southern America. There are 17 different species of macaw found in the rainforests of South America. Many of the different macaw species are today considered to be endangered animals.

Parrots and Eagles

69+ Types of Eagles [All Different With Falcons, Hawks & Anymore]

Blue and Gold Macaw - Zoo Studios: Animal Art Photography

Cherry a Blue…free flight macaw blue and gold macaw with Green-w ….