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Miscellaneous objects, potions, health, mana, books, keys,.. etc…

Miscellaneous Items - potions, gold for your store, health to heal, mana for magic and more coming up for your RPG game - EatCreatures

Warmachines - medieval siege weapons - #eatcreatures.com #danielferencak

Warmachines Box - Awesome medieval siege weapons - royalty free game art, middle ages weapons, medieval warfare and tactics, create your own battles.

Skill tree for RPG game #danielferencak #gameart #cartoon #EatCreatures #vector

Skills-Icons - Build your own skill tree for your RPG game design, all files in vector and mobile ready, colorful icons for your game art - Eatcreatures

420 -Pixel Art- Icons for RPG by Ails.deviantart.com

This iconset for RPG Maker VX and Ace contains rips from the game Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (for GBA). Final Fantasy Iconset (for RPG Maker VX and Ace)

Explosion Sprites by Legend-tony980 on DeviantArt

Explosion sprites from Metal Slug (found in Spriter Ressource) for Super 'Mario' Kirby Dash. It's exactly the explosion sprites which Alvin-Earthworm us.