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Arduino controlled garden watering system - YouTube

The watering system consists of two parts. This is the manifold part of the system - this is the part that goes out in the garden. The other part is the fauc.

Ecco perché Autodesk​ ha deciso di rendere #opensource elettronica e firmware di #Ember3D.

Autodesk Ember DLP SLA printer electronics and firmware are now open source

How to have unlimited Interrupt Pins on your Arduino

OVERVIEW Using Interrupts enables you to run some code only when a change happens on a Pin. Without interrupts your Arduino would spend most of it’s time just

Der ESP8266 ist der Überflieger in der Bastler-, IoT- und DIY-Szene. Der Chip ist winzig, kostet keine fünf Euro und verfügt im Gegensatz zu vielen Konkurrenten über WLAN. Dank einer großen Szene und neuer Software gibt es dutzende Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

Ein Controller mischt die Bastlerszene auf: Wie der 5-Euro-Chip ESP8266 Arduino und Raspberry Pi abhängt

Acer battery with arduino !!

Linux e hacking: Recharging and reusing Acer laptop batteries on DIY projects with arduino


[ Play Video ]One year ago, I began building my own solar system to provide power for my village house.Initially I made a based charge controller and an Ene.

I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think? (Steampunk Gadgets Mad Scientists)

An IMU gait sensor offers a low-cost alternative to conventional optical target-tracking motion capture systems.

Most of these are gaming setups but there are some great ideas for multi screen configs for video editing.

Image via Computer Desk Ideas image Image via This would look good on the east wall for the kids to do homework at, side by side. Image via Industrial desk reveal ONE

Create Your Very Own Thermal Imaging Camera With An Arduino Nano (Video) - The Arduino Nano thermal imaging camera has been created by user Kaptein QK over on the EEVblog community forum and uses an IR temperature gun bought from eBay. | Geeky Gadgets

If you enjoy projects using the Arduino platform you might be interested in this awesome thermal imaging camera which has been created using an Arduino Nano

Arduino & Gardena water timer

Gardena water timer controller using Arduino Uno