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The Beautiful Macabre World of Lenka Šimečková | The Dancing Rest http://thedancingrest.com/2014/10/09/the-beautiful-macabre-world-of-lenka-simeckova/

The Beautiful Macabre World of Lenka Šimečková

Malkavian Media - Art Piece Vitae Life Force Vulnerable ('Deliverance' © by Olga aka 'Sheer Madness'

i can't tell if it's protective or slightly un nerving

The best visual representation I've seen, to date, of the depression beast. Menacing and yet somehow comforting in its forced solitude.

I see this guy's paintings featured every so often on different sites and always click through to see who it is, only to realize it's that same person (Jon Foster).

Illustrations by Jon Foster

A Lackadaisical Lexicon for Laggard Logophiles

llesim: wanted to draw lineart sketch for. - llesim: “ wanted to draw lineart sketch for t-shirt design and then i got carried away ”

I love this, because the girl brought her out of her own sadness

Instant Happiness Potion<<< is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Agatha and Sophie?(If Sophie were nicer, that is.

BloodBorne,Dark Souls,фэндомы,Plain Doll,Кукла,BB персонажи

absurdres arms at sides back black boots black dress black eyes black hair black hat black jacket black pants black shoes blonde hair bloodborne boots brown hair buttons cage capelet carriage character request checkered child church city cloak

Beira Goddess of Winter Beira, Queen of Winter, a Scottish deity. She freezes the ground with her staff and chases away Spring

Beira Goddess of Winter Beira, Queen of Winter, a Scottish deity. She freezes…


A selection of illustrations and paintings by American artist Chiara Bautista, based in Tucson, Arizona. A dreamlike and poetic universe, dark but beautiful, il

Вайолет с ужасом злобные-шавки на deviantart

vicious-mongrel: “ Violet Horror illustration for Totentanz Support me on Patreon, i’m making dark things.

Art - Album on Imgur


She Plucked the strings of the universe to make the music of her soul<ooh. Could build a totally fascinating magic system off this.

A Witch's son

brenna-ivy: “ To celebrate the start of I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today. This is an older.