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17 Ways We're Still Living In The '90s

Who needs reunions when the best parts of the decade never really went away? Take an even closer look with the National Geographic Channel& three-night event The & The Last Great Decade?, continuing tonight at

astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, planets, nebulas

Some people, in order to discover God, read books. But there is a great book: the very appearance of created things. ~ Augustine of Hippo ~


universe - Collections - Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

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This as a half sleeve or three quarter sleeve! Base is trees, becoming galaxies moving up the arm

Art,fashion,design,technology etc from the atomic space age

Ирина Бандурист

Be like the colors in the sky . Free , Carefree , Its original state . Shine bright like the colors in the sky

Hubble telescope: star cluster Pismis 24  in the core of the large emission NGC 6357, which spans one degree of the sky from Earth in the direction of the Scorpius constellation  Nasa/Esa

In pictures: Top 20 Hubble Space Telescope images

The small open star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357 in Scorpius, about light-years away from Earth.


stars nebula Aurora Borealis- the real deal. It's amazing just how beautiful this is! a nebula near cepheus The Rosette Nebula CLICK.