Red Moon Shinobi by on @DeviantArt

Red Moon ^_^赤月の忍者 spitpaint, Photoshop I wanted to do something simple, ultra-limited palette, basically the red and black playing off of the ninja a.

Felid, mist XG on ArtStation at

quarkmaster: “ Felid The end of this series, nice challenge with new style!;P mist XG ”


Hiroaki Samura, Blade of the Immortal, BotI Illustration Collection, Manji

Geniales posters samurais... pasa o moriré...

Geniales posters samurais... pasa o moriré...

Stains of Contention - Part of my Warrior series, this one being the Samurai Warror. In this art my focus is on the contrast between chaos and order. Stains of Contention

não tenho medo da dor, pois os degraus dela eu subo um por paciencia e calma, eu chegarei lá...

Samurai Inspired Art Collection

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Specter Ops illustrations - by Balance-Sheet (Steve Hamilton) Spider The Beast Cobra "copyright Plaid Hat Games 2014 Worked on the art assets for Specter Ops throughout last year, now available for.

Musa AKKAYA, Duvar Kağıdı

I saw this dark samurai and I thought what's more dark and Japanese this was a less thought out but it's more for the ascetic.