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Horten PUL-10, 1997

The Horten Flying Wing: A build-it-yourself kit plane for the weekend aviator.

Wainfan Facetmobile, 1993. AKA full size pepakura airplane

Wainfan Facetmobile The Wainfan Facetmobile is an American homebuilt lifting body aircraft designed by Barnaby Wainfan, a Northrop Grumman aerodynamicist and homebuilt aircraft engineer.

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WWII German Secret Weapons from the Air (Interesting)


The world of sport aviation is currently being revolutionized by the use of strong and light carbon fiber.

Horten Ho-IX Gotha Go 229 o Ho 229 flying wings:

Horten Ho-IX Gotha Go 229 o Ho 229 flying wings. Great example of CAD.

So Dear to My Heart

Horten Ho IV in flight. Designed Rebuilt and tested (shown here) in 1959 by Mississippi University.