My skintones by Lily-Fu

Just because SAi deleted my swatches and i had to reset it, now i have this somewhere to gain some time xD Commissions open for Chibi portraits english fav.

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Link to new skin palette! This isn't a be all, end all reference list. It was something I figure I'll do to help me when needing skin tones on a w. My Anime Skin Palette

Skin Palette for MyPaint by on @DeviantArt

Skin palette for scratchpad My Paint. (is an image with png format) Feel free to use it, not to sell the palette for commercial use without my permissio. Skin Palette for MyPaint

Portrait walkthrough. by Vloth on deviantART

by Vloth on deviantART This tutorial is broken down into similar steps as Illustrator blending modes. If one were to blend the seperate layers together it would create almost the same effect.

OCs color palettes by on @DeviantArt

so since I am tired of just using the bases colors I made a color palette for everyone edit: added lips colors and my second gen and my lifeix girls and my witches edit added the generation befo.

#ColourScheme skin color pallette

skin color pallette If you are interested about Photoshop here are 3 Photoshop video tutorials

In case you need this for skin coloring!!! It never hurts to offer help.<<<<not mine

In case you need this for skin coloring! It never hurts to offer help.<<<<not mine < skin color reference

Art tutorials & tips - Request - Skin tones - Album on Imgur

Art tutorials & tips - Request - Skin tones

Post with 107 votes and 1266 views. Shared by SeraIsAKindPerson. Art tutorials & tips - Request - Skin tones

Color References 5 by ~UltimeciaFFB on deviantART

Color References 5 by UltimeciaFFB on DeviantArt

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tip on nude shoes; don't try to match your skin color! If you're pale, go for a bit darker shoe, but if you've got a nice tan, show it off by going with a lighter shoe!

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