Montclair Window Grill $124.85; I like that it's shaped like a cross. Needs some Spanish tile in the inset.

Montclair Iron Speakeasy Grill

Beautiful scrollwork with heavy duty cross bars are featured in the Montclair Iron Speakeasy Grill, made by Hooks and Lattice. This iron window

La Velona Iron Speakeasy Grill

La Velona Iron Speakeasy Grill

La Velona Round Iron Window Grill maybe for between the windows in the master bedroom

St. Augustine Grills - 10" x 12" - Black Powder Coat finish

St. Augustine Grill - 10" x 12" - Black Powder Coat finish

(decorative window grills, speakeasy grills) Made of hand-forged iron using x bars. High quality construction (welded underside) These works of art are perfect for square or round top wind

Thinking of doing something like this for our windows.

Exterior Decorative Iron Speakeasy Grill | Scroll Accents

Browse decorative window accents and grills in gorgeous wrought iron styles. Need custom window grills?

Somos especializados no desenvolvimento de projetos em metal arte para áreas da Arquitetura e Decoração em Brasília - DF. Vamos projetar?

20 modern fences to make your home stylish (and safe) (From Amy Buxton)

Simple Iron Window Grill | 2 Bar x 2 Bar Pattern $129.85

Simple Iron Exterior Accent Grill|2 Bar x 2 Bar Pattern