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Honey Hunter of Nepal. High in Himalayan foothills, fearless Gurung men risk their lives to harvest the massive nests of the world's largest honeybee. Picture by Eric Valli

Stunning photos show the ancient tradition of honey hunting in Nepal

Stunning photos show the ancient tradition of honey hunting in Nepal

Twice each year, the Gurung tribespeople of Central Nepal risk their lives collecting wild honey from the world's largest hives high up on Himalayan cliffs. Travel photographer Andrew Newey recently spent two weeks capturing this ancient but dying art.



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Meet The Black Mambas, South Africa's Majority-Female Anti-Poaching Unit

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Nepal Gurung honey hunters through they eyes of photographer Andrew Newey

Xai Xai, Kalahari Desert, Botswana. Female Elder wearing a beautifully beaded cap.

San storyteller, from southern Africa


What a Beautiful Lady: Gurung Honey Hunter 6 - Photo Andrew Newey

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Ethiopian and Sudanese tribes show off scar patterns made with THORNS

Fresh scars for this Menit tribe girl - Tum Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Jungle Nomads - Eric Valli

Jungle Nomads

Jungle Nomads : Eric Valli At the foothills of the Himalaya, along the border separating India and Nepal, Raji Nomads still hunt for wild honey.

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isola di Ustica

isola di Ustica

Sadly, the thousand-year-old tradition is under threat from over-harvesting by unscrupulous operators seeking to profit from the rising value of the red spring honey in China, Korea and Japan. Add to this the general bee apocalypse wiping our honey-making friends out the world over, and things start to look pretty bad for bee and beekeeper alike. Fingers and wings crossed something changes for the better, soon.

Credit: Andrew Newey As the honey hunter descends the rope ladder, the blood, blisters and bee stings that are synonymous with this treacherous tradition become visible.

The Red Man - Gertrude Kasebier

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WEBSTA @ renan_ozturk - Words by expedition leader Ben Ayers // Story ~Life is hard.


A Hindu Holy man, Bal Mukund Brahmchari, looks on after applying a paste of sandalwood to his face in Allahabad, India