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13 Reasons Why. an emotional roller coaster. one drama you can binge on and enjoy the ride.which tape do you identify with?

M.McLean drawing #illustration #tapes

Envision using only one of these tapes like the illustration like the nostalgia like the handwritten font that would say "Artists in Tandem" Space to include podcast length and other info


This was a brilliant series that, although I put off for a bit as I thought it was mainstream trash like big brother or something, I found that it was very intriguing and had a darker tone which made a nice change from what I regularly watch.

13 razones por qué camiseta inspirada / trece razones camiseta

13 Reasons Why inspired print/poster/ thirteen reasons poster print/ Clay Jensen / everything matters quote/ poster print

13 Reasons why a novel by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why - Activities and Assessment Aligned with Common Core