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The viewers eye is immediately drawn to the vibrant yellow glow originating from the centre of the artwork. The yellow is seamlessly blended into the glass windows and consequential shadows to create a sense of warmth

Eugen Chisnicean - CHISINAU VIEWS XVIII Watercolor on Paper, 54cm x 31cm

by Eugen Chisnicean (aka Eugen Kisnichan). *Eugen was born in 1984 in a small town in the north of the Republic of Moldova.

AMANTES DE LA ACUARELA: Homenaje al acuarelista Abel Puche

AMANTES DE LA ACUARELA: Homenaje al acuarelista Abel Puche

The Allure of Lucca Ron Stocke, NWWS, CSPWC | Everett, WA | 21x14 | NWWS Purchase Award Funded by Fine Art Studio Online -------- This image is the property of the artist and protected by copyright.

"The Allure of Lucca" Watercolor by Ron Stocke. Ron uses M. Graham Watercolors for their beautiful vibrant colors.

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Santa Maria della Salute in Venice by Alvaro Castagnet ooooh beautiful how to make a beautiful water color! it seems a warm mediterranean day