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Сталинград. Февраль - март 1943 года

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A Russian soldier died on the Eastern Front

A fallen Soviet soldier on East front, first half of the war.

This is what a once bustling city was reduced to by the Battle of Stalingrad.

The Krasnyi Oktyabr' (Red October) factory and some of the housing area near it (during the Spring after the Battle?) The long building is the great Martenovskii Shop. It has Martin open hearth furnaces. Much of the structure is below ground level.

Despues de la Batalla. Ordenadas  tumbas de soldados alemanes. No fué lo habitual **

Stalingrad : over German soldier`s were killed , from November 19 1942 through Feb 3 1943

Stalingrad 1943.

Marking key WWII battle, Russian city calls itself Stalingrad in six times a year in commemoration

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The inscription under the photo: every German got a piece of the Russian land. As promised by Hitler before the war.

Stalingrado, 1943

German parachute cylinders used to drop supplies to the besieged Sixth Army at Stalingrad, after the battle.

Сталинград. Февраль - март 1943 года

Germans and Russians lost more soldiers in this one battle than US , England and France separately during the whole war - Stalingrad Battle -

Халхин-Гол. Советские бойцы позируют фотографам

Soviet soldiers hoisting the flag during a fight on the hill in Remizov Khalkhin Gol.

Сталинград. Февраль - март 1943 года.

Сталинград. Февраль - март 1943 года.


German troops supported by a StuG III advance toward the Don River

Сталинград. Февраль - март 1943 года.

Stalingrad - After the battle.