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Brutamor: Não daria certo

Não daria certo

Brutamor: Não daria certo

Die rumänische Künstlerin Gina Iacob hält auf Instagram eine ganz besondere Traumwelt für Dich bereit. Nach eigenen Aussagen „Teilzeit-Einhorn“ und „Vollzeit-Träumerin“ hat sie sich aufgrund ihrer kreativen Bleistift- und Kohlezeichnungen diese Titel durch

Gina Iacob erweckt in ihren Zeichnungen Mutter Natur zum Leben – und welch schönes Gesicht sie hat

' Gina Lacob loves nature and likes to personify it in pencil portraits using mechanical pencil and charcoal. These are the works she made inspired by this theme so far: I Personify Mother Nature In My Pencil Drawings:


Happy 25th Birthday, .GIF: This Week's Faves

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Snake anthro - just for practice by oomizuao.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt.  Love this! Snake nym, twixt form.

I was inspired by a poll over at *Schwarzwelt 's page, and wanted to try making a snake/viper anthro. I hope he looks like a snake and not a lizard art . Snake anthro - just for practice

Gargoyles Fanbabies: Kitty and Mags by YoukaiYume on DeviantArt

Gargoyles Fanbabies: Kitty and Mags by YoukaiYume on DeviantArt <---Fan creation: Elisa and Goliath's babies

Evita by Chopstuff.deviantart.com on @deviantART

General Concept for the Fusa'ii (Ket looks a little more human with a more humanoid chest since he's got some lung-like things in there too)