Pinceles Tool Sai

Anonymous said: What brushes do you use for your line art? Answer: I primarily use these settings for most of my lines / sketching I also set my eraser with the same settings

SAI Brush settings ref

varietyhour said: What program do you use for drawing? Also what are your brush settings :? I use SAI and Photoshop these days. Here’s my brush settings for SAI: (i use these three the.

lineart brush settings! by juurikun on DeviantArt

A lot of people keep asking me for my brush settings so here you goooooo~ Heads up though, it's a pretty strong brush so it's best for quick, sharp stro.

Brush settings as asked for by a friend! This... - puahaha

Brush settings as asked for by a friend! This brush was also used to get the smoke thing from Haru’s cooking pan in this drawing!