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Evander laying across everyone seductively, Talulah just trying to read, Souline looking at Talulah from behind the couch, Arlen with a hand dramatically on his forehead, Merrin popping up from Ev's legs and Vireo really uncomfortable on the far left.

Penumbra lying on everybody, Kester looking annoyed, Ben being dramatic beside Kester, Sterra being mad, Laurence leaning over the couch and Jonathan reading the book.

it's time to get Jolly

humnyn: DRAW THE SQUAD roadtrip edition. (Me: but like, this literally happens in my story? They literally go on a road trip? So yeah, I'm drawing this)

Draw the squad Top doing splits: Gansey Bottom: blue One clutching face: Adam Other: Ronan

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Had a lot of fun making this one. Due to a recent minor incident, I'm now requesting that if you use my bases that you credit me as the creator of. Draw The Squad 3

I need a board for bases<<haha sorting your boards is for the WEAK

Anika in front with the gun, sierra hugging leg of Rachel or Emilee the other would be presenting them. Elle kind of dabbing in the back, Mel shutting her ear and add a character for Liz draw your squad