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Na hora da criação de um logotipo, um nome bem elaborado faz toda a diferença para que a simbologia fique marcada para sempre. Em 2011, publicamos aqui no b

Artista cria logotipos utilizando o significado das palavras. É Genial!

JI LEE. WORD AS IMAGE http://design-union.ru/portalnew/noosphera/library/3150-wordsasimagebook

Playful lettering alterations by Ji Lee changes words into illustrations. It's become a lifelong obsession for him.

The "I" in the word "minus" has been capitalized to fit with the other letters in the word, but this person has cleverly rotated the letter to look just like a subtraction sign, reinforcing the meaning of the wry, without making the word unrecognizable.

Embellished Word Aesthetic: they replaced the I work a - marking. They made the - red to allow the viewer to connect it with the actual way math problems are written in books.

Logo design for Saul Oros Music.

Logo design for Saul Oros Music. - minimal-origin

I like the simplicity, and the merging of two shapes. I would want my initial included within somewhere. You find customized icons like this by MediaTic Building by abeldb from the Noun Project

Button logo

Word play logo Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked…

Elisa Tan

But she can answer simple questions like that 🙂 just want to know what she does for fun! What she does on her free time.

Guess who's tired from standing since the day it was discovered :) #verbicon #typography

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36 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism | Bored Panda

36 More Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism

If you are a graphic designer looking for some logo ideas and inspiration, then it’s your lucky day because we handpicked another list of Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism.