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Something like this, maybe?

This integration room shows were Beecky was integrated to find were Benson is hiding out and is even told that she may be killed if she does not fess up were Benson is.

[First chapter introduction, last chapter/epilogue] "And now you're probably asking yourself If you really can freeze time and whatnot, why don't you break out, why are you still here, well... I'm just killing time." They could briefly see him grin at his own joke- than the lights went out. Just for a split-second, maybe not even that long, but when it flipped on again, Kevin was gone.

A very modern interpretation of an interrogation room that has a lighter feel and a camera to record and make sure things are handled appropriately.

peculiar's ( vicious ) images from the web

peculiar's ( vicious ) images from the web

Keith Kogane, Marauders Era, Blue Jam, Breakfast Club, Saeran, Prompto Argentum, Rose Wilson, Allison Argent, Striders

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Theo//I sit inside a police questioning room. "I didn't do anything," I growl. I look at you my busted open lip and nose bleeding and dropping onto the table

Your character has just seen on the local news that a prison truck belonging to a government organization called the WVPC (World Virus Protection Corporation) has been lit on fire and destroyed. The prisoner inside was stolen and the guards were killed, but no one knows who did it. Your character immediately thinks of Jack Antares. They know very little about the WVPC, but they know that this organization was the reason that Jack had gone to prison at a very early age, and he still harbors a…

Your character has just seen on the local news that a prison truck belonging to…

Thea could not recall a time when Frankie did not at least wear a small smirk upon his lips...

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