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Libras, you don’t possess the power to say ‘no’ and this may lead to some pretty unnerving and awkward situations for you.

…I thought that pain meant I was not loved. - Louise Glück, from First Memory

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"I don't know, we're just VINYL heads, I guess." (Ashley's response to people like her mother, friends, neighbors and strangers when they ask her why she needs a man made of fine records and an extensive mix of timelessness to get through the nite.

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At times, she found peace writing her story in the Lake letting the water give her ideas.

watch the sun rise over the city!

imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul. Ive met that person.

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And now I've drank so much whilst sitting in my bedroom cross legged that my hand and the bottle is just a blur like everything I was feeling.

•* Blurred *•

i took a picture while was spinning in circles hanging out with our friends


I was once asked why I never create "moody" art. My answer was simply "I can not" my soul is forever sunshine. My soul constantly looks for the ocean. As the ocean will always soothe my soul. This life is bliss

Always follow your mind, not your heart. The brain is wise while the heart is foolish. Thinking over feeling always.

Nah I think the quote is more like this for me : dear heart, your in good hands. Your the most blessed thing on earth. You have an amazing girl in your life. Hey brain, I told you I knew I was going to be ok of I went with her