Clay Opera - Ceramics Handmade by Marta Turowska

Warsaw, Poland based artist Marta Turowska is the designer behind all the goodies at Clay Opera . She handmakes quirky, whimsical ce.

Unicorn bowl by clayopera

Clay Opera

Unicorn bowl - ceramic bowl, pegasus bowl, polka dot, pastel by clayopera on…

Ceramics by Barruntando / On the Blog!

Quirky Ceramics by Barruntando

Ceramics by Atelier Stella / on the blog!

Adorable Planters by Atelier Stella

animales-arcilla-cuencos-clay-opera-marta-turowska (5)

Adorable Handmade Animal Pottery by Marta Turowska Polish artist Marta Turowska creates handmade animal pottery on her boutique Clay Opera, which features a range of adorable hand painted ceramic.

A Lightbulb as a Tail: Ceramics by Il Sung Na

A Lightbulb as a Tail: Ceramics by Il Sung Na

first of all, I love the jealous curator, second of all, these are the cutest ceramics in the world.

worth 1000 words: something extra

The Jealous Curator & curated contemporary art & i’m jealous of nathalie choux