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Cassandra by anndr

Cassandra by anndr dragon Age Inquisition Bioware female fighter knight princess sword tarot card cards deck armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc. I just like art that shows women as strong and powerful in a positive light!

The Strongest Heroes by Izzymatic. This isn't heartbreaking at all. The Warden, Inquisitor, and Hawke

The Strongest Heroes by Izzymatic. This is heartbreaking since I played these exact races and characters in my playthrough of Dragon Age.

Friends with everyone... yes http://knight-enchanter.tumblr.com/

I almost always want to help the mages so I literally do the same thing. Kick Fenris out and bring Anders in! Then bring Fenris back! Because why would the game be worth playing without the broody glowing elf at your side XP

Dragon Age The World of Thedas

BioWare's newest game Dragon Age: Inquisition will expand the universe of their epic series in profound ways. This comprehensive book of lore features exclusive art and information, exploring every co

Dragon Age: Magekiller for Dark Horse Comics Well I guess everyone knows already so there’s no harm in telling you now. I have the honor of doing Dark Horse’s Dragon Age: Magekiller cover art! A comic that will begin in the capitol city of.