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Эти завтраки выглядят так, как будто вы встали ни свет ни заря, чтобы их приготовить. А в реальности вам понадобится 15 минут, чтобы побаловать своих родных вкусным и красивым завтраком.1.Булочки с се…

Ham, Egg & Cheese Bread Bowls Not a single pan or utensil to be washed! Great for feeding an army and you can make ahead. maybe use turkey bacon and feta cheese

Ингредиенты:Хлебные булочки - 8 шт. Растительное масло - 2 ст. л.  Соль - 1 ч. л. Перец - 1 ч. л. Яйцо - 8 шт.  1. Отрежьте верх у булочек. Аккуратно вычистите булку, не повредив корочку.  2. Смажьте булочку внутри маслом и приправьте солью и перцем.  3. А теперь сюрприз! Вы можете положить внутрь булочек все, что угодно! И сыр, и бекон, и свежие овощи, и колбасу! Доверьте этот процесс детям, ведь они такие выдумщики. Разбейте в каждую булочку яйцо.  4. Пожарить или запечь в духовке.

Bake eggs and things in hollowed out bread buns. Looks pretty and delicious! No recipe, but looks easy to figure out what they put in the buns.

Puff Pastry Decorations 4 Ways

Puff Pastry Decorations 4 Ways

licúa hojas de espinaca, ajo, aguante, queso crema y pizca de sal. Delicioso para una pasta.

(Use Zucchini "Pasta") Avocado Pasta . The easiest, most unbelievably creamy avocado pasta that everyone will love. And it’ll be on your dinner table in just 20 min!

Looks like an EASY BRUNCH IDEA: Blueberry Croissant Puff - Croissant pieces & blueberries all held together with a cream cheese mixture

Ingredients 4 cups vegetable broth $0.52 2 Tbsp olive oil $0.32 12 oz. fettuccine $1.33 8 oz. frozen chopped spinach $0.79 1 (28 oz.) can diced tomatoes $1.73 1 medium onion $0.43 4 cloves garlic $0.32

*Sub with GF pasta* Italian Wonderpot: 4 cups vegetable broth 2 Tbsp olive oil 12 oz.) can diced tomatoes 1 medium onion 4 cloves garlic ½ Tbsp dried basil ½ Tbsp dried oregano

Nutella French Toast Rolls | Bucket List Recipes

Birthday breakfast for Laney? Ingredients 10 slices of toast or other soft thin white bread 10 tbs Nutella spread 1 egg tbs milk teaspoon sugar 1 tbs cinnamon tbs oil

Cast Iron Skillet Fried Tequeños (Venezuelan Cheese Sticks) _ With a rich pastry crust wrapped around salty queso blanco, these Venezuelan cheese sticks put their mozzarella brethren to shame!

Grilled Cheese Rolls with tomato soup! make it healthier: use whole wheat bread, light cheese, and low sodium tomato soup

21 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen.  There's some really good ones here! Love the one that repurposes plastic hangers with clips!

21 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen

cool-food-hacks-burger-egg-heaven and 20 other great tips and tricks in the kitchen

bacon, eggs and bread toast recipe - use whole wheat bread and canadian bacon to increase the nutrition benefit!

Muffin Tin Recipes recipes food food 2 📌 I have been making a muffin-tin toast & egg since the late and my kids loved it 💖. Later, I began adding pre-cooked meats such as sausage ! A full breakfast for any age!

Sliced Baked Potatoes with Herbs and Cheese

Sliced Baked Potatoes with Herbs and Cheese. And great way to switch up our same old-same old baked potato recipe!