Food photography tips. Perfect for the food blogger, but the tips are useful for anyone with photography questions.

Tips and Tricks for Photographing Food – Part 1

FOOD PHOTOS Composition, lighting and staging are just a few things you will learn about food photography. Get tips and tricks in part 1 of our food photography series.

simple small product sweep cloth A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System

Trick, Photography Book - simple small product sweep cloth A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System - Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

Setup for Photography - using different backgrounds for photographing objects. Tips on equipment and photography setups with natural light.

Photography Setups and Equipment for Blogging -

Setup: objects and backgrounds are placed in a photo to look a certain way depending on the kind of setup.

Side Lighting: Tips for Indoor Food Photography with Lowel EGO Digital Imaging Light  {Pinch of Yum}

Artificial Lighting Tips for Food Photography

Foodless Fridays - Food Photography Props Tutorial Part 1 - I Breathe... Im Hungry...

Foodless Fridays - Food Photography Tutorial: Backgrounds Part 1

A step by step tutorial to edit food photos in Photoshop. Take a drab, dull food image and take it the next level so it looks as delicious as it should!

Food Photography: How to Edit Food Photos in Photoshop

Food Photography Tips | Basic Food Photography with Any Camera - I think these tips could be applied to other product photography as well.

6 Food Photography Tips for Any Camera!

You may think that if you don’t own a fancy, expensive camera, there’s no reason to even try to take better photos. However, by making a few simple changes, you can improve your food ph…

Props for Photographing food.  Great article.  I have her Food Photography book.  She's a great photographer/artist.

As a food photographer who works out of my home (photographing food almost exclusively for my stock portfolio) I get to prop and style all of my dishes.