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Hollow Punch Tool 34mm Round Hole Punch Carbon Steel For Belt Leather

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Document 1. Material - The hole Punch Tool is made of high-carbon steel, the material used in industrial-grade tools is very different from ordinary tools, it is durable, hard, and long life. Every Punch Tool is precisely inspected before it is put on the market.2. Instructions - Please use the Hole Punch Tool to align the location of the object you need to punch, simply hit the end of the tool with a mallet or other hard object, and the hole will be punched out.3. Features- Package Content: 1pcs Punch Tool.- The side of the product is equipped with a slot for chip removal, which is convenient for discharging debris.- the product presents a cylinder, and the surface is fine polished, and not easy to oxidize.- The size is printed on the surface of the puncher, easy to recognize.4. Applicati
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