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The Magic Faraway Tree

I like natural forms like this, dunno if it's texture or pattern, but I like it. color is pleasant as well. I like textures/patterns that feel like art

: : surface : : A shell

Close up of a shell. This looks like it would be thousands of teeny tiny shells.

April and May| April and May hearts var ultimaFecha = '10.5.13'

East African Crowned Crane - what a beautiful colour! I love the texture, it reminds me of a feather boa.

Rust | さび | Rouille | ржавчина | Ruggine | Herrumbre | Chip | Decay | Metal…

Nice color pallet Image detail for High Quality Rust and Grunge Texture Pack Resources

Blue Iguana Skin

Blue iguana skin is so beautiful, if you could find a similar fabric would make a beautiful long flowing evening dress

⇜❊↠  3D

Ocean Shells - Black by Lars Contzen "the inability to stay focus on the off-centered point in any one shape, captures me"

Linear Actions - sheets of paper cut freehand, one by one, then stacked. By Noriko Ambe★❤★

Intricate Paper Sculpture with amazing layered white textures, made using yupo paper and glue // Noriko Ambe

(via Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar… | n a v y - b l u e | Pinterest)  from... http://thefullerview.tumblr.com/post/78232373529/via-paper-sculpture-by-peter-gentenaar-n-a-v-y

Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar Edges paper art Visual Texture and edges Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures or Edges

Perfume de la vie

Epigenetic Landscape by Richard Sweeney - folded watercolour paper Motion Forms is a body of curved, pleated sculptures, which were hand-folded in watercolour paper through the method of wet folding

Shells Perfect Harmony Rainbow Crochet Blanket [Free Pattern]

Shells and the Box Stitch - Crochet Blanket [2 x Free Pattern

Shells Perfect Harmony Rainbow Crochet Blanket [Free Pattern] - the colors are absolutely GORGEOUS and go really well with this texture in the pattern.