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burdge:  ted… noticing things. ;)  #teddy lupin #victoire weasley

He caught sight of a beautiful girl walking down the hall with her friends. She was laughing at something they said, and her smile was bright and her eyes sparkled.

"...ugly though" [by Brigid Vaughn, aka burdge-bug]

of phlegm and freckles by *burdge-bug on deviantART Harry and Ginny -- Harry Potter

Hinny, or Jily, have your pick.--->>> Freckles, round glasses, it's Hinny

It’s hard for me to understand How you could die for me When I fall short sometimes If only I could see the way you do.<-- first pinner! --- love this Harry and Ginny! Art by Burdge!

Ron and Hermione realizing they like eachother. By Burdge

Ron and Hermione realizing they like each other. By Burdge<<< ron reeeaaally reminds me of Andrew in the great british bake off

Ginny Weasley by ~burdge-bug on deviantART -- burdge is so good at capturing the characters the way they are in the books, not in movies

BAMF by burdge - I love burdge's fan art because she depicts the characters exactly how I picture them in my head. I mean this is a PERFECT Ginny Weasley

I can see Luna trying to be friends with Draco because she's awesome and Draco's just there like what's happening here??!?!

Draco and Luna by CaptBexx I don't ship it but I can see Luna trying to be friends with him because she's amazing and Draco is just shocked like uh okay. --> I agree. Luna would be his friend

Ginny and Harry-Burdge

Ginny and Harry by burdge. Every time I see art of her's I've never seen before, I kinda start freaking out xP

Fred Goerge and Ginny

“ …and Fred, George, and Ginny were doing a kind of war dance to a chant that went “He got off, he got off, he got off -” ” page The Order of the Pheonix