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Soft Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Soft Summer Color Palette

Cool Summer Color Palette - with tones.

Cool Summer Color Palette - with tones. here are mainly greyed tones, but for Cool Summer is the most important coolnes of colours. Cool Summer can wear also cool tints, less softened tones and also cool shades.

Light Summer Color Palette

Light Summer Seasonal Color Palette

Cool Winter Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Cool Winter Seasonal Color Palette

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Here is your complete warm autumn seasonal color palette!  Not sure if you are a Warm Autumn? Take the online seasonal color analysis quiz <= Click here to take the quiz. Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis: Warm, Medium and Earthy Warm Autumns are sometimes confused with Warm Springs. Th

Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Deep Autumn Color Palette @outfitideas4u.... realy liked this  pallete

Deep Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

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