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Tiny purple flowers around large purple flower. Caribbean Lily, By Neil Creek. Taken in Victoria, Australia.

Simple but Pretty

Flower of Fuchsia plant--look like ballerinas:):):) Some people call these plants Fairy Earrings:):):)

(99) Одноклассники

Orchis italica, "Naked Man Orchid/Naked Fairy Orchid Native to the Mediterranean. This species of orchid looks like many other European orchids with its bright pink, densely clustered flowers.

Прекрасный букет, для талантливой @jeni_zinovieva , теперь красуется в студии @kudribrovi_ekb

A stunning and rather unusual hat box arrangement from Bloom de Fleur, what a unique design!

Just a picture of the Red Ironbark Eucalyptus. The blog has been taken down, but picture shows unique flowers!

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, flowersgardenlove: Peacock Flower Beautiful...

** BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK FLOWER ** Moraea Villosa also known as The Peacock Moraea formerly participate in great abundance in the mass spring flower.