Красивая рельефная вышивка с элементами объемной глади Lita Jonathans .

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Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight | Художественная вышивка Corinne Sleight

Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight

Repiny - fotos más inspiradoras!

Beautiful stitch Easy Craft Ideas embroidered flowers + tons of other embroidery how toos Should you have a passion for arts and crafts an individual will enjoy this cool site!

Dimensional Daisies - 3 Lessons taught by Annamaria Kover of Humming Needles at…

A - Dimensional Daisies - 3 Lessons by Annamaria Kover . UPDATE : No longer available at mentioned site ! But very inspiring & visually appealing embroidery

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whipped spiderweb The cool thing about this flower is that each spoke is not just a straight stitch, it is a long and skinny chain stitch. Once the whipping is done, the sides of each chain are pulled together to form the diamonds at the top.