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UPDATE Frontier has had a rethink and is looking again at its controversial Elite: Dangerous refund policy. Posting on the Frontier forum,…

Conceptual Vehicle Design on Behance:

Concept vehicle design sketches and illustrations for self-development, forthcoming projects, and demos for students at Concept Design Academy.

The_Avengers concept art. Quinjet by Phil Saunders

The Avengers Concept Art by Phil Saunders

Check out some concept art of Iron Man, the Quinjet, Heli-Carrier and the Alien invaders for The Avengers by Phil Saunders.

ArtStation - Independence Day: Resurgence - VFX concept design, Johannes Mücke

VFX concept design for the alien AI arrival / space ship / retrieved wreckage piece

F8 Lightning Heavy Fighter - Star Citizen Wiki - Wikia

F8 Lightning Heavy Fighter

Very little is known about the Anvil Aerospace Lightning Heavy Fighter, other than that it.

Concept art from Last Days on Mars directed by our friend Ruairi Robinson. Keywords: spaceship mars lander concept art f.

How about some more Fan Zhang. Keywords: degger fighter concept spaceship model design illustration render by fan zhang for alexand.

Northrop Grumman 6th Generation Fighter Concept

Next Big Future: Grumman will show off its sixth generation stealth jet fighter design during the Superbowl