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"Barratt’s eyes really aren’t that small, it’s Fielding’s that are insane. Imagine the size of his eyeballs outside of his head. Imagine them resting in your hand. I bet they’re like apricots.

"What if I did the whole gig like this? You'd all have to read my thoughts. ...that way if it was a shit gig, then it would be your own fault."

Noel Fielding, Haha, love this joke!


Introducing The Hilarious Noel Fielding (My Newest Obsession)


It is probably strange to state that I want the exact same hairdo as a man, but Noel Fielding is such a beautiful man with amazing hair.

Noel Fielding is a Hair Icon: A Timeline - hope they're staying glued together

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Noel Fielding

basically, i’m a commited lurker who finally just signed up already…i adore all things noel fielding (from baby boosh straight on through lux com and to wherever that beautiful man goes next) so.

Noel Fielding-rose shirt

Noel Fielding-rose shirt