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Holy shiz this is freaking beautiful! I almost forgot to breathe...

げみ◆絵本出るよ on

插画手绘 二次元美女 动漫 萌 壁纸

Thousand stars up in the sky, one shines brighter I can't deny. One shines bright, brighter then any other in the twilight~

Heyyyo? I'm alex. Um, the situation I am in with glaze is horrible. I know her in real life. She took her knife and just ran away. I don't know where she went. Please help.

Porque todos guardamos un alma guerrera. this artwork is very creative because it show a little tough girl who has a crown on her head and has a lion in her shadow, showing that she is king

Musicality at it's finest. Medicine for the Soul.  MD.radio - Now available in…

kelogsloops: “A Place to Call Home ” I’m so lost for words… Never would I have ever imagined that a piece of mine (this one, to be specific), would be chosen as a staff pick, and even featured on the login page 😭 Thank you so much !

(Kết ca nghiêm túc bên trái và Song Tử phải sát gái

[ 12 chòm sao]: Tình yêu? Nó có thật? - Chapter 10

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