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I am the greatest engineer ALIVE by ~cyanineblu on deviantART

I say Mechro! You say Mancer! Gaige and Deathtrap of Borderlands 2 infamy. I am the greatest engineer ALIVE


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Rhyiona | Риона

Rhyiona | Риона

Handsome Jack and Buttstallion, Nick Minor on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6dJ0x

Handsome Jack Crosses the Wastes by RadiantGrey on Etsy

Zer0 x Maya

a friend gifted me borderlands 2 on steam as a

maya snorts when she laughs and that makes me happy.

That's how you get punched in the boob maya don't do that

Hyperion Announcement by inklou

I just LOVE this art style. It is the perfect way to balance realism and stylised art together in a fluid manner. I will definitely hone in on this style type now.

Borderlands 2 fanart by INKtrashing on tumblr.

Kreig and Zero Borderlands I can hear Zero and i have to chuckle everytime i see this

Borderlands inspired I'm an even better shot by shuckledesigns

Mordecai Borderlands 2 I'm an even better shot by shuckledesigns