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Sand Sculpture In Tel Aviv, Israel  "Let me DIE with the PHILISTINES!!!"~ Samson's Final Prayer to GOD

Sand Sculpture In Tel Aviv, Israel, depicting Samson using the strength God gave him, to bring down the buildings pillars and destroy his enemies.


Look at that amazing sand castle! I love making sand castles and having a fun day at the beach.

Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium. I know, this pin should probably be on the Arts and crafts board, but the sculptures remind me of childhood, and the joy of creating very inspired bucket castles and mud pies etc., and felt it belonged here instead.

Enter The Sand Men: Sand Sculpture Festival Opens In Belgium

Spectacular sandcastles have been built as part of the biggest sand sculpture festival in the world. Around 40 'sand artists' from around the world attended the Sand Sculpture Festival on the beach.

Sand castle

Sand art is type of modelling sand into a special form as a sand castles, sand sculpture and the other sand creatures. Sand and water are two main ingredients

.ТОЧИЦА: Юни 2010

Tell how you made this awesome sand castle. or: What lives in this sand castle?

Sand Sculpture

Sand art is one of the most interesting arts which can add a great touch to our life and can made th

sand sculpture "Sleeping Dragon" by fergus mulvany

sand sculpture "Sleeping Dragon" by fergus mulvany Children could make dragons & castles in the sand

great sand art sculpture (perhaps inspired by " Hey Bulldog" from Yellow Submarine?)

Amazing Sand Sculptures Playing in the sand is fun when amazing sculptures are involved. We all used to make castles out of sand when we were little, but some

With enchanting colors like this, how could you not want to capture this purchase on NAMU?

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, Israel is a truly authentic Middle Eastern Experience! The sounds, scents and colors are full of inspiration.

I don't know how where this is or what it's made of...

Sand Sculpture Art - Amazing, Beautiful, Stunning and Unique Sand Art Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic form, .

sand sculpture of a bee by fergus mulvany. reminiscent of a macro photo/ Gotta love the honey bee at least one in the sand.