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Fancy - Tattoo pattern sleeves 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books pattern tattoos - love this idea

Best Geometric Tattoo - 100 Perfect Geometric Tattoos & Meanings

Geometric tattoos are noticeable and they’re completely awesome. Geometric tattoos make a statement that you have a keen eye for design and love simplicity.


Run Fast. I want this on the back of my leg, just above where my running shoes stop.


"Parts of Japan gave criminals tattoos on their arms. Many are simple lines around the arm. On the bottom line, the third left, I can see the sign of “悪”, bad in Japanese. This was Kishu´s (紀州/now Mie and Wakayama prefecture) tattoo.

50 Great Ideas for Small Tattoos // Mr Pilgrim Urban Artist Blog

Berliner tattoo artist Chaim Machlev combines spiritual elements with geometric designs to create sacred geometry tattoos.

A mind-bending 3D tattoo by Tony Booth appears to turn this man's arm into a machine.

Mind-Bending 3D Tattoo Appears to Turn Man's Arm into a Machine

Tony Booth, a tattoo artist and owner of Dabs Tattoo in Southport, England, has successfully made a man appear as if he's an android.

Modern Geometric Tattoo Designs | Tattoo Ideas Gallery & Designs 2016 – For Men and Women

The Modern Geometric Tattoo Designs which are becoming main stream tattoos. With new creative ideas from us you will find best geometric tattoo for you.

Sleeves go high fashion.

Half sleeve tattoos are a great tattoo design for girls who don’t want a full sleeve. This arm tattoo for girls features a mixture of beautiful flowers, all of them different types and all inked in different shades of pink. Connecting all the flowers .

The power of U N I T Y 1LUV

I like the idea of the same pattern but upside down. Would be an awesome best friend tattoo idea.

Say Cheese - temporary tattoo set $15 // these are fun! i've seen a lot of awesome temporary tats lately.

Say Cheese

Tatto Ideas 2017 – 45 Extraordinary Funny Custom Temporary Tattoo designs Check more at tattoo-jour… Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER 45 Extraordinary Funny Custom Temporary Tattoo designs Check.

Tree Tattoos

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