An ethnic costume for Tibetan woman

The Last Emperor (1987) costume review

The Last Emperor - Costumes by James Acheson . I sw this film at fashion college. Such beautiful designs.

"China Series" | ©Other Worlds Photography & China | 'Dong song singer girl' Zaidang(Dong Village), http://www.pinterest.com/pin/71424344064765718/

A woman from the Long Horn Miao tribe wears a ceremonial hairpiece, woven from her ancestors' hair, over wooden horns

チベットの伝統行事「骸骨踊り」がかなり衝撃的 | ARTIST DATABASE

Dancing Skeletons: Characters of Cham Dance Despite their daunting presence, their intention is not to frighten but to remind and inspire the audience of the transience of human life and the fleeting presence of the organic body.

Palyul regal clothes    Khampa Tibetan Women in Kangding (Dartsedo),

Palyul regal clothes Khampa Tibetan Women in Kangding (Dartsedo), Kham, Tibet…

Beduin women

Sinai, Israel, 1971 love the detail on the robe, many of the pictures have the face cover may need to think something like that up. gas mask like mask perhaps?


Veiled woman with high hat keeping goats - Haḍramawt Yemen