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Russian warrior.  The middle of the 10th c. Chernigov. Svyatoslavs troops could be dressed like this.. He has  one of the biggest  "Carolingian type" sword (1 m 26 cm).Steppe axe.The belt, decorated with gold-plated silver plaques - Khazar-Magyar origin; sabertache, silk kaftan with scalloped gilt buckles give the Russian warrior image of eastern warrior. Reconstruction of Oleg Fedorov.

Warriors of Russia Armament - one-handed axes or spears. Defensive armor - quilted armor with sleeves (gambeson). Like the pants and tunic - maybe over hidden armor?

Rus Viking.

The ancient Russian warriors. The second half of X century. Reconstruction based on Gnezdovo burial Smolensk region.


Kipchak, clothing and equipment of a light cavalryman. Once conquered by the Mongols, the Kipchaks would have provided troops to the Golden Horde.

Тяжеловооружённый кулайский воин

Kulayskaya culture (Кулайская культура), heavy warrior with an armor made of horny plates, VI-III centuries BC

Balto-Slavica > Русское войско 17 века

Weapons and Warfare throughout history and the analysis of doctrine, strategy and tactics.

Новгородские воины - Novgorod warrior

A Rus warrior wielding a two handed bearded ax, which was used to climb over walls, break shields and tear plated armor apart.

Polish warrior (woj) of Bolesław Chrobry; timeline: turn of the 10th/11th centuries. Drawing by Jarosław Gryguć. 16

lamus-dworski: “ Polish warrior (woj) of Bolesław Chrobry; timeline: turn of the centuries. Drawing by Jarosław Gryguć.