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Lupi - solo buoni amici di Tom LittlejohnsAlpha maschio e femmina con un amore-in in alto sulle montagne in Montana.

beautiful-wildlife: “Wolves - Just Good Friends by Tom Littlejohns Alpha male and female having a love-in high up in the mountains in Montana.

White mother with cub

ღ white wolves ღ maybe - they also look like white German Shepherds. I raised simply the best family dog.

beautiful-wildlife: “ Wolves Nuzzling by Selena Chambers ”

dogs, (were)wolves, teeth, jaws, art & something else.

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Honey graham human alpha male cookies - love 'me. Wolves delight, I wolf 'em down!

༻⚜༺ GS ༻⚜༺ Such beautiful, misunderstood animals. Only God can restore this Earth to what it should be.

"The wolves might make vicious enemies, but they were also fiercely protective of their own and had closed ranks around Brenna as soon as she’d been rescued."-Caressed by Ice

What are wolves? What do wolves look like? Where do wolves live? What do wolves eat? How do wolves live together? How do wolves communicate? When are the puppies born? How are wolves different from…