Nico, he trabajado en mi estrategia Mythomagic, así que vuelve rápidamente, no estoy perdiendo esta vez!!!  Jason PD: puse bizcochos de chocolate en..

I love this because Jason is such a brother figure for Nico and really cares for him.

I dunno, Percy. I'm sure Thalia would prefer a nice, small fishing boat compared to a high-flying, fire-breathing, 100-ton metal dragon that could spontaneously combust at any given moment. Then again- I could be wrong.     But again Percy would have better control over a boat than a flying firebreathing dragon

poor Percy, Hazel, and Frank :( but they did have fun! and I just LOVE those books

Mallory Keen by Viria  Amazing work!!

Mallory Keen, Daughter of Frigg - Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Viria

let's um ... Fight stuff !

Let's Fight Stuff! by taratjah/ "They yelled like banshees and charged. He loved the Greeks. They had no organization whatsoever, but they made up for it with enthusiasm.” -Blood of Olympus

Frazel Frank and Hazel

Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque<<<these two are seriously the best and I feel like they don't get enough recognition or love. And for heaven's sake why doesn't Frank have more fangirls?<<Frank is my bro