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Don't care for the artwork itself, but digging the black/grey with the single pop of color.

Trash Polka has been invented by Volko Merschky and Simone Pfaff, two tattoo artists, in the well-known Buena Vista Tattoo Club.

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Trash Polka Tattoos, Explained and Illustrated

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Really cool geometric design sleeve. Really intricate and detailed. Awesome!!

I can have my one sleeve be my watercolor sky transitions and then my other can be a jumble of abstract shapes and random collections of small tattoos that have lots of meaning.

What are Trash Polka Tattoos? A painterly and dynamic tattoo style created by Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky at Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Germany, a collaborative effort described as a combination of realism and trash.

Cloud designs are increasingly popular among tattoo artists. Many cloud tattoos are typically done in black, but can be done in multiple colors for premium effect. Representing the sky, or the heavenly and spiritual realm…

Cloud Tattoos for Men

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