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skirt length and shoe selection guide

Your Essential Skirt Length and Shoe Selection Guide

No idea what the serum thing is but the guide is helpful.

This is a guide for what clothing suits women based on their body type. Whether you're busty, curvy, straight up and down, pear shaped, etc. there are clothes for your body shape!

whats the best skirt for your body shape

The Best Skirt For Your Body Shape

whats the best skirt for your body shape. hmm, these are not the limits of types of skirts girls can wear ;

Dress for the Occasion: A Guide to Dress Codes

Dress for the Occasion: A Guide to Dress Codes

A guide on how to choose necklaces for different necklines

I’ve never really given this much thought, but pairing your jewelry with your neckline certainly makes a difference! Your necklace choice should compliment your outfit; the neckline of your shirt or dress being the most important thing to consider.

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Como Tapar el "Canalillo del Escote"con Media Braga

Как выбрать идеальное платье по типу фигуры

Как выбрать идеальное платье по типу фигуры

Aquí una opciones para que busques tu vestido acorde a tu forma de cuerpo. Busca la tuya, y ponte a buscar tu vestido perfecto.

The Perfect Prom Dress for Every Body Type

Find out what the best prom dress is for your body shape! We have inspiration here for girls with a pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, apple, or rectangular body shape! Check out which Clarisse dresses would be perfect for you!

The Ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary - Part 2 ~ Stripes & Checks

The ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary (parte seconda) -- For character descriptions It's always good to know the patterns on your garments to know what matches with what. Did you know geometric patterns make a look more chic and modern

Dress for your body

Fashion Swap Party : Body Shapes de Trinny & Susannah I think I'm a skittle? Or a pear?