Saw Him doing breakfast in cuban cafe, in Soho, near Houston-Mott-Prince street (can't remember name of the place ... was too much in love in other man and braindead in that time) ... He was in undershirt, shaggy, straight out of the bed, very, very pale, very ... Just like from another  planet, sitting with ... forgot her name - she was his neighbour (I read about her in Vogue few months later) ... At that time Buffalo 66 was playing at Angelika.

(born April is an American actor, director, model, musician and painter. Though he has had minor roles in…

Buffalo ‘66 directed by Vincent Gallo (1998)

Directed by Vincent Gallo. With Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, Mickey Rourke.

Christina Ricci

christina ricci - This is a great photo of her, looks like Wednesday Addams all grown up.