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Character/Warrior/Swordsman/Knight/Royal/Younger Ga'iff, except he has brown eyes, and this guy has no horns

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The headphones, jacket, baggy bro tank, puppets. they look like the kitty knuckles from Okami- san

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'' ωє вσтн ѕнαяє∂ тнιѕ ωєαρσи ιи συя нαи∂ѕ вυт иσω ѕιи¢є уσυ αяє ∂єα∂ ι ωιℓℓ кєєρ ιт ιи му нαи∂ѕ fσяєνєя'' *aĸaѕнι нad ѕιgнed onтo тнe weapon тнιnĸιng aвoυт нιѕ greaт-grand ғaтнer. aѕ нιѕ eyeѕ were вlιndғolded aѕ нe тυrned aroυnd ғeelιng тнe ѕнarp edge oғ

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I'm Hisao, and I have sand magic. I tend to make my own rules, and not loom around in the Haven guild. I'm kind of a mysterious guy. I have my guild mark on my upper cheek as well.

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ADOPTED This is Toxy. He's 15 and loves listening to music. He likes fashion and tries to make it his own style. He can be negative sometimes, but he'll talk nonstop about bands and such.

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chiyingzai: (via coubaltium)

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Tessront!Minnie for an event in MAGE! Full body

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pixiv is an illustration community service where you can post and enjoy creative work. A large variety of work is uploaded, and user-organized contests are frequently held as well. (Get Him To Chase You Guys)

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It's that hot-headed kid from the Liberation Front! Whatever happened to him? (Arcouda has no damn idea)