It doesn't always have to be a gloomy day. It just takes a little perspective. Color only shows with light, after all.

It doesn't always have to be a gloomy day. It just takes a little perspective. Color only shows with light, after all. I love that the only color is the blue of the slightly transparent umbrella, it really draws your attention.

He leaned against the wall, as he watched the last video of his old life. "Hey, whatcha doing?" A too familiar voice asked. He turned to see who it was. It was that girl, the girl who's been stalking him since... forever.

Under Rain : Fisheye Placebo by yuumei

Écrire l'histoire n'a pas d'importance, ce qui est important c'est de vivre sa vie pour sois même. Si tu l'écris pour les autres, autant ne pas vivre.♡♤

Kuroko no Basuke Akashi Seijuro

Wenqing Yan

images for anime illustration art

Is that L? Or someone else... I dunno I've seen pictures ALOT like this with the same kid and the same idea so maybe it's from an anime/manga... Anybody know? I really like it, FYI :)

Image d'anime avec original moc single short hair tall image black hair looking at viewer smile brown eyes sitting barefoot hair over one eye arms up open pants male navel building (buildings) chair picture paint

Kaoru | Ensemble Stars!

Olivia crew neck top Prettiest crew neck contrast blouse top in ash blue and pleated gray hem.

Yêu em như phút ban đầu

K Project/Anime

lindo chico, dolor

Alexander Anime: Seikon no Qwaser Echhi .

Чтение манги Идеальная парочка 2 - 10 - самые свежие переводы. Read manga online! -

Free and No Registration required for Namaikizakari 10

ADOPTED! I'm Eorie. I get quite lonely sometimes. I love riding my bike and seeing the scenery. Adopt?

Hetalia_Arthur Kirkland (England) - Art by Topppo

You are never alone no matter what happens

I really feel like this is Mavis and Zeref, if it is I SHIP IT! If not, I still SHIP IT!<--- Mary and Seto. Sad how nobody knows kagerou days anymore

Kitakado Tomohisa from Kitakore, B-project

Auror Germany - HP Charter Magic World

gotchya! :)  - anime guy with camera

Jake's passion is photography. He will never go anywhere without his camera because he sees everything picture worthy. Despite his young face, he is actually 19 years old. He is patient and rarely speaks however he laughs quite often.

Beautiful Anime Art

Anime albino boy with umbrella.

sua tu lanh

Open to for him powers allowed)I was walking home and it happened again the visions where did they come from I saw my best friend I wanted to hug him but he'd worry like always I saw a flame in my han (Best Friend Anime)

Bringing light into your life